April Grand Square: Portals to Opportunity

We are now in the midst of one of the tightest and most potentially galvanizing configurations that I've seen in a long time.  Some people may see configurations as portents of doom, but through years of close tracking and observations I've come to see them as portents of opportunity.  

Think of them as energetic gateways to new areas of personal expression and development.  There may be a figure at the gate asking for a fee for entrance: pay a little karma, live through a little self-created thunderstorm of emotional crisis, or quickly finish all your old business to clear the way for a new push. 

So many times we all go through a little April 2014 Grand Squareperiod of unsettled transition of varying degrees during astrological peak points like these.  The fact that these are the hard aspects (squares and oppositions) does not necessarily mean that they are "bad", but the acuteness of the angles underscores the level of impact that they bring on our lives, delivering the necessary "shock" to get things moving which might have become a little too comfortable in their ways. 

The planets in astrology represent forces of change, a literal pantheon of gods and goddesses that embody archetypal concepts and primordial forces that act in our psyches, all of which we have little or no control over.  Their interactions in the skies above us mirror exactly the interplays of forces acting in our earthly lives, minds, and feelings.  The Hermetic Axiom simply states "As above, so below."

We may not be able to alter the courses of the planets in the heavens, but we certainly can control the ways we work and ultimately benefit from the movements of the planets upon us.  This way we transcend our astrology and its limitations over us; i.e. we are not any one point in our charts, we are an unattached, unconditioned point of light and consciousness at the center of the chart, observing the interplay of the lesser gods in a state of eternal bliss. 

Almost all of the outer planets are activated at once in this grand square configuration, so its effects are going to be pretty all encompassing upon us, individually and collectively.  Forces of control without (active in the world) crash against forces of self-control (Mars), liberation (Uranus), power (Pluto), and enlightenment (Jupiter) within. 

What will happen?  I predict that the headlines may scream for a little bit, and that the intensity of emotions acting en masse may help to move things along, but the program has already been set, and those in positions of power will be able to capitalize on this key astrological moment. 

The same goes for you, the program has already been set (whether it's by commission or omission), what will come about will be directly proportional to the intensity of you intensions and your actions to make sure that program comes about with this tremendous boost from the Universe.

Tuesday, April 22
Ideas and philosophies may be debated with passion, but debate may devolve into a battle for intellectual supremacy.  Impatience and intolerance may run strong, and actions taken now may soon lose their steam due to faulty motivations.  (Mars square Jupiter)

Wednesday, April 23
Reactionary radicalism may clash with deeply set tendencies to intimidate, coerce, or to dominate.  Be careful of events and situations going awry, and their resounding effects shaking us to our core.  Stay out of danger zones if possible.  Keep a steady course through turbulent waters.  (Mars opposite Uranus, square Pluto)

Thursday, April 24
Actions may stem from murky and least-understood motivations resulting in questionable results.  Be aware of the potential in situations to bring out self-deceptive or co-dependent behaviors.  Act from your highest ideals.  Energy and vitality may come and go. (Mars biquintile Neptune)

More dates to be added.

Dragon Taming

Blood Moon Tetrad, Pluto Stationary, Grand Square

We have a very interesting two weeks in April.  First we have Pluto turning retrograde on Monday, April 15; followed closely by a total eclipse of the Moon, and then we have a very tight line up of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto forming a grand square on April 20-23, which I have already spoken of in this article

The eclipse is a rare 'tetrad' of four consecutive total lunar eclipses, where the Moon turns a "blood" red in the night sky. This article has more info. 

These configurations are definitely food for the "doomers" out there.  It definitely is something to consider, but in honesty it all doesn't rate very high on my astrological crisis rating.

Yes the markets are overblown, there is more than enough unrest in hot spots around the world, and the chains of economic slavery are getting heavier and heavier for all; but I've seen this kind of planetary line up before, and it never quite fulfills the worst of our expectations. 

We do get an intensification of emotions and their attendant energetics on human life and evolution; but it all seems subtler and more potentially meaningful than what the doom-mongers (who definitely get the attention from the media) would have us believe.   

It's time for a change, and if you feel the winds of change blowing your somewhere, maybe you best set your sail.  Expect a little stirring up of things, and some raw emotions coming out.  The seismic shift may be occurring in the psyche rather than when you walk outside.  

Dragon Pluto turns retrograde on Monday, April 14.  Every once in a while the dragon guarding the egg deep inside of the labyrinths of your subconscious might shake his head.  However it's probably not time for the dragon to arise in your world and lay waste to your civilized facade, just like in those old Japanese Godzilla movies (although there is a new Godzilla moving coming out soon, which might be interesting.) 

You can however learn your dragon-taming skills from a qualified yogi, spiritual teacher, martial arts instructor in the days to come, learning how to tame, control and properly ride this frightful force and channel its energies for the greater good of all. 

Monday, April 14, Pluto Stationary Direct
With Pluto turning retrograde today, your foundations may feel like they are rocking at times; and that forces lying sleeping deep inside of you are waking.  Relationships may struggle today, and the mind might be a little crazed or over-stimulated; all of which should make a very interesting day.  Tomorrow's total lunar eclipse may create disorientation, pushing you into another space completely.  (Mercury square Jupiter, Mercury square Pluto, Mercury conjunct Uranus, Venus tridecile Saturn)

Tuesday, April 15, Total Lunar Eclipse
Emotions, love and relationship may go through developmental turns, and the lunar eclipse from earlier in the day may serve to cast the day in an unusual light.  (Sun semisquare Venus, Venus biquintile Mars)

Wednesday, April 16
Tension and anxieties may be brought out, emotions may run ragged and relationships may suffer.  However the erudite among us may quickly realize that stress is a state that is designed to promote quick solutions to long running problems.  As they say, the things that we fear/avoid most are the very things we should focus on, so that we may benefit greatly from what lies on the other side of "stress."  (Mercury opposite Mars, Mercury biquintile Saturn)

Thursday, April 17
Cultural, spiritual, and artistic affairs are favored. Relationships will bring abundant blessings, and good fortune will be readily at hand. (Venus trine Jupiter)

More dates to be added.

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